E.L.F nail polish (Metal Madness)

I spotted this on the E.L.F (eyes, lips, face) website.  http://eyeslipsface.co.uk/

It wasn’t only the colour that caught my eye , but the fact that it had so many good qualities to it for such an affordable price. When I first applied this polish It took two coats for it to be fully opaque but you could definitely get away with just one. I wore It for about  five days without chipping without a top coat! It says on the packaging that it has colour-lock technology that creates a chip resistant shield for long lasting colour, and its very evident in this polish.

This polish just so happens to be healthier than most polishes on the market .

•It’s infused with Vitamin E that helps give you stronger , healthier nails

•It’s Toluene Free

•It’s formaldehyde free

•It’s Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) free

The bristles of the brush are the perfect length and makes the colour glide on effortlessly and dries almost instantly.

The colour I purchased was the colour ‘Metal Madness’ , which is a pewter/ greyish polish with multicoloured shimmer. This colour along with a few others just so happen to be nearly discontinued so heres the link for your last chance to Buy





Let it snow!

So seeing as its almost Christmas I decided on a snowflake Mani .I painted my nails with a dark blue/ navy colour . I added a silver glittery nail polish coat  to my pinky, thumb and middle finger . I then painted on the snowflakes with a striping brush and white polish and added a coat of the silver glitter polish on top of those thin lines.

It’s easier than it looks to create the snowflakes.

Start by doing a large X on your nail, do a slightly smaller X in between this one and then do small lines coming from each section of each X to make it look more delicate and feathery.






Speckled egg nails

I heard of these types of polishes ages ago and just never really tried them out. I picked one up today and gave it a shot. It’s the beauty line in penneys/primark in the UK and Ireland and retails for €1.50! I chose the light pink colour with black/ grey spots. 

I really liked the effect it gave and and its something that can’t be acheived so easily with a dotting tool. I really like how the spots differed in size and the way the colours contrasted.The brush was a perfect size and I did two coats to make it quite opaque although you could probably get away with one.

Here it is !


GOSH Vitamin Booster

So my nails have been quite weak lately and I was in search of a nail product to bring them back to life. I found this ‘Gosh : vitamin booster’ and decided to give it a try. After only using it for a short amount of time I found it completely restored my nails back to their original state . I used it to give my nails a shine on days I wasn’t wearing nail polish and as a base coat when I was wearing nail polish .The brush is the perfect shape and size which makes it easy to apply and It dries in no time .




Black ,Studs and sparkles.

So I’ve been wearing a bit of a rock look on my nails the past few days . It’s really simple to recreate and you can change it to any colour you like also.

Step 1 : I painted my nails a base coat and allowed it to dry.

Step 2 : I then painted two coats of black polish and allowed that to dry before applying one coat of a sparkly nail polish.(the one I used had mainly silver sparkles in it) .Don’t allow the nails to set fully before the next step.

Step 3 : Before the polish has dried I added one small silver stud per nail at the bottom.To do this I used a dotting tool to pick up the studs, place them where I wanted and then finally pressed them into the slightly tacky nail polish.(you can also use a tweezers , or a wooden manicure stick to apply them ) Studs on nails are really on trend at the moment  and I think they just complete this look .

Step 4 : Lastly, I added a top coat to seal in the studs and to get the maximum amount of time out of this mani before it chips.


Feelin’ the green

I don’t have a clue why but the last few days I’ve had the urge to paint my nails green ! Not only do I think green is a great autumn colour , but it’s also a change from deep reds or purples. Of course I couldn’t decide which green I wanted to go with so I chose three! I painted my pinky, middle finger and thumb a dark green colour which was ‘No.7 Stay Perfect’ in the colour ‘Totally teal 330’.On my index and ring finger I painted them a lighter mint green colour which was a colour by ‘Claire’s Cosmetics’ (which has no name!) and added some vertical stripes through them in an Army green colour that I bought on Ebay in a striper nail polish set with about 40 different colours . I will link something similar below.


Nail art polishes used for striping :


Leather look nail polish

I bought this nail polish not so long ago when I started to see a lot of different textured nail polishes around. The leather effect was new to me and I hadn’t seen it in any other brand.
This particular polish is from the shop ‘Claire’s Accessories ‘ .
On the first coat it was quite opaque but it took until the second coat to really bring out the effect .
At the beginning I really liked it wasn’t long (only a few hours!!!)before I changed my mind .
I applied the nail polish before doing my make up and not long after I had finished I noticed my foundation had left a stain on my nails but not one that could just be washed off . Soon after , I realised that the polish , understanding It had an uneven texture began to snag on my clothes . I took these pictures when the were freshly painted so they look good but its not a great representation of how they looked shortly after (for me anyway !) . I tried applying a top coat which only erased the leather effect look so I know that wont help but if anyone has tried a leather effect polish i’d love to hear your tips!