Ombré nails !

Hmmm  , I havn’t written here in ages! 

So I decided to do these pink ombré nails today . It gets gradually darker towards the tip of the nail.

You can use any colour combination you like . I did a base coat of white and chose 4 colours for the gradient effect:

  • Wet n’ Wild -French White cream (for the base)

Starting at the cuticle colour, working towards the tip :

  • No.7 (stay perfect) – cheeky chops
  • Maxfactor (glossfinity) – forever glam
  • Essence (Multi-dimension) – Hot stuff
  • NYC – Manhattan




How to :

  • I first painted a coat of white polish on all my nails and allowed it to dry thoroughly.
  • Next, I took a makeup wedge sponge and soaked it with water .
  • I then took each colour and painted it onto the sponge in stripes , making sure to overlap each colour slightly.


  • When you have that done you just press it into your nails and wait for it to dry. I did this about 3 times for each nail as I thought it wasn’t opaque enough. 
  • Seal it with a top coat and your all done! (you can also add a sparkle if you like)



Speckled egg nails

I heard of these types of polishes ages ago and just never really tried them out. I picked one up today and gave it a shot. It’s the beauty line in penneys/primark in the UK and Ireland and retails for €1.50! I chose the light pink colour with black/ grey spots. 

I really liked the effect it gave and and its something that can’t be acheived so easily with a dotting tool. I really like how the spots differed in size and the way the colours contrasted.The brush was a perfect size and I did two coats to make it quite opaque although you could probably get away with one.

Here it is !


chunky glitter

You can never go wrong with glitter! This is an easy 5 minute manicure that requires little or no patience but still looks amazing!

All I did was paint my nails and added a coat of sheer glitter polish on top . I did a mix of 3 polishes (pink,green, and orange) just to change it up a bit.